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December 2011
News SMP Hydrogel Work Published
The group's work with the Mather Lab on a cell-culture-compatible shape-memory hydrogel was reported this month in Macromolecular Symposia.
November 2011
News Jay Takes Part in BIOFUTURE 2011 in Ghent, Belgium
Jay again crossed the pond to share new work on shape changing scaffolds at the first ever BIOFUTURE conference, BIOFUTURE 2011: Young European Biomaterial Scientists Designing a View for the Future, held in lovely Ghent, Belgium; November 16-18. Jay presented an invited talk and co-chaired a session on Surface Modification.
News Anita Shares Summer Research with Colleagues in South Carolina
Anita shared the fruits of her summer toil during an oral presentation at the Louis Stokes South Carolina Alliance for Minority Participation Program Annual Science, Engineering & Research Conference, Orangeburg, SC, Claflin University; November 4, 2011.
News Katrina Keegan Joins the Lab for Undergraduate Research
Katrina joins the lab to pursue research complementary to her undergraduate studies in the Department of Biology. Welcome, Katrina!
October 2011
NewsNews Ling-Fang and Dakota Report at BMES 2011
Ling-Fang Tseng and Dakota Jones presented on their work on active cell culture scaffolds and substrates, respectively, in two posters at this years Biomedical Engineering Society Meeting in Hartford, CT, October 12-15.
News Jay Presents at AIChE 2011 in Minneapolis, MN
Jay headed to the Land of Lakes to present an invited talk on active cell culture substrates and scaffolds during the Cell-Biomaterial Interactions session of the American Institute of Chemical Engineerings annual meeting.
August 2011
News The Lab Welcomes the Retrun of Megan Brasch for Her PhD Work
The lab is pleased to welcome Megan Brasch back for her thesis work. Megan, a former SBI REU student, came to SU this fall as a first year graduate student, and she'll be working in the lab on application of 2D active cell culture substrates for the study of mechanobiology.
NewsNewsNews Summer's End Sees a Host of Poster Presentations
With the close of a productive summer, there were several poster presentations this month as Dakota and Anita presented their work at the LCS College of Engineering and Computer Science Summer Symposium, Jay presented a poster at the Gordon Research Conference on Biomaterials & Tissue Engineering, and Anita presented another poster at the Syracuse Biomaterials Institute REU Summer Research Poster Session.
July 2011
News Kevin's JoVE article highlighted
Kevin's recent JoVE publication is highlighted in This July in JoVE.
Kevin's substrate work published in JoVE
Detailed description of Kevin's shape memory substrate methods have been published as a video and print article in the Journal of Visualized Experiments. Nice work, Kevin!
June 2011
NewsNews Kevin and Richard Report at the 2011 NYCMW
Kevin and Richard reported on behalf of a couple project teams during the 11th Annual New York Complex Matter Workshop, held at SU this year.
News Jay Presents at AFPM 2011
Jay crossed the pond to represent the lab's collaboration with the Mather Lab via a poster presentation at the outstanding 2011 Advanced Functional Polymers in Medicine meeting at University of Twente, The Netherlands.
News Gwendolyn Maturo-Grasso Fosters Tomorrow's Engineers at Lincoln Middle School
Gwendolyn is again in residence in the lab this summer to work with Jay on their PK-20 STEM cooperative efforts, which are designed to help fill the STEM pipeline while testing out collaborative approaches that could be adopted by other schools and universities. This month "Little" Engineers tried out their robots in this year's "Clean Sweep" competition
May 2011
News Brian Cosgrove Graduates and Heads to UPenn for Grad School
Congrats to Brian, who finishes up his BS in Bioengineering and heads off to UPenn for PhD study. Great job, Brian. You'll be missed!
News Dakota Jones Awarded a Summer Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) in the Department of Biomedical and Chemical Engineering at Syracuse University
Congrats to Dakota, who received a highly competitive REU to support his work in the lab this summer. Good job, Dakota!

April 2011
NewsNewsNews Active Cell Culture on Display at NEBEC 2011
The lab's work on active cell culture was on display at the 37th Annual Northeast Bioengineering Conference, held this year at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Jay presented the Biomechanics Track Keynote and chaired the Biomechanics Session, Kevin presented a podium talk on active cell culture substrates, and Richard presented a poster on new materials being developed in the lab.

March 2011
News Jay Shares Progress during Seminar at U of R
Jay discussed the lab's work on cell culture substrates during an invited seminar at the University of Rochester Department of Biomedical Engineering. Great work is going on at U of R, and the lab looks forward to seeing what new directions develop from collaborations now being pursued following that visit.
NewsNews Kevin's Recent Work on Active Cell Culture Make Waves
Kevin's work on actice cell culture substrates, published in the March issue of Biomaterials, is being reported on in Science Blog, Science Daily, Genetic Engineering News, e! Science News, Futurity, and is featured on the Syracuse University and LCS websites. Congrats Kevin! Lots more to come in this exciting area.
January 2011
News Kevin Presents at BMES/SPRBM 2011
Kevin had a nice break from the snow this month. His submission to the 29th Biomedical Engineering Society/Society for Physical Regulation in Biology and Medicine Conference on Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering in Miami Beach was one of nine abstracts accepted for oral presentation in addition to poster presentation. Thanks for making the trip to Miami on our behalf, KevinÂ…

December 2010
News Jay Describes Potential of Smart Materials in Cell Culture Applications during Invited Seminar at Utica College
Jay spoke on the potential for smart materials to create unprecedented advances in cell-culture-based fields using examples from current research in the lab during a visit to Utica College at the Invitation of the Asa Gray Biological Society.

Septemper 2010
News Shelley Finishes Postdoc and Moves to Research Assistant Professor Position
Shelley Kummer wrapped up her postdoc and moved to a Research Assistant Professor position in the Department of Biomedical and Chemical Engineering. Congrats, Shelley! We look forward to continuing to collaborate with you!

June 2010
News Megan Brasch Joins the Lab
Megan joins the lab for the summer, having been accepted into the Syracuse Biomaterials Institute Biomaterials REU, and will be working with Ling-Fang on cytocompatible shape memory polymers. Welcome, Megan!

May 2010
News Jay Joins the Upstate Cancer Research Institute
Jay is please to have joined the excellent faculty that comprise the recently formed Upstate Cancer Research Institute.

News Low Oxygen Tension Cartilage Engineering Work Published in Tissue Engineering
Recent work examining the effects of low oxygen expansion on engineered cartilage was published this month in the journal Tissue Engineering.
April 2010
News Kevin Reports at UNYBECC
Kevin shared his current Active Cell Culture progress with regional colleagues at the 2010 Upstate New York Biomedical Engineering Career Conference in Rochester.
News Kevin Presents at NYAS Symposium
Kevin's been racking up the mileage this month, including a trip to the Big Apple to give a presentation at the New York Academy of Sciences Symposium on Biological Smart Materials, organized by the Soft Materials Discussion Group.
News Jay Receives the LC Smith College of Engineering and Computer Science Faculty Excellence Award
The award was made in recognition and support of Jay's work with Gwendolyn Maturo-Grasso to address PK-20 STEM challenges through collaborative engagement of middle school and university students.
February 2010
News GI Bill Project on Display at the NSF Engineering Education Awardees Conference
The research being performed by Jay and a team of faculty from across the University to design pathways to engineering for American GIs was well received at this year's NSF EEAC.
News Jay Joins the New York Academy of Sciences
Jay is pleased to have become a member of the venerable New York Academy of Sciences.
January 2010
NewsNews Jake Cline and Wesley Kong join the lab
The lab is pleased to welcome Jake and Wesley! Jake joins the lab for an undergraduate research experience in which he'll work with Kevin and Brian on active cell culture and cartilage tissue engineering. Wesley joins the lab for an undergraduate research experience in which he'll be contributing to the CARTI project.

November 2009
News Jay gives MIT Program in Polymer Science and Technology and University of Delaware Department of Mechanical Engineering Seminars
This November, Jay gave two invited seminars on the lab's work on shape memory polymer cell culture substrates: one at the MIT PPST program, and one at the University of Delaware Department of Mechanical Engineering. Thanks to both great institutions for their interest in our work and for their hospitality!
October 2009
News Kevin reports on active cell culture substrates at the Biomedical Engineering Society Annual Meeting
Kevin presented his work during a podium presentation at the 2009 BMES Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh.
September 2009
News CARTI project featured at Healthy Buildings 2009
Progress on the CARTI project was featured in an invited poster Shelley presented at Healthy Buildings 2009
August 2009
Richard Baker, Ling-Fang Tseng, Jing Wang, and Matt Salminen join the lab
The lab is pleased to welcome so many new faces at the beginning of this academic year! Richard joins the lab for his PhD studies following his undergraduate work at Rose Hulman. He will be jointly advised by Jay and Prof. Mather. Ling-Fang come to the lab to pursue her PhD following completion of her MS at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. Jing joins the lab for her PhD work following her undergraduate work at Beijing University of Chemical Technology. Matt joins the lab for an undergraduate research experience in which he'll be contributing to the CARTI project.
News Kevin's work on active cell culture substrates on display at the 2009 SBI offsite meeting
Kevin shared his active cell culture work with the SBI community at this year's offsite meeting poster session on August 28th.
News Cassie finishes her summer research with a poster presentation at the SBI REU showcase
Cassie summarized her summer research in a poster entitled "Quantification of Intracellular Reactive Oxygen Species and Associated Cell Damage." Her work provides the foundation for the biological assays required for the ongoing CARTI project.
July 2009
News Kevin's work on active cell culture substrates debutes at Biomaterials Biocompatibility and Tissue Engineering GRC
Kevin's work on topography-changing cell culture substrates debuted when Jay presented a poster, entitled "Active Cell Culture: Surface Shape Memory Triggered Topographic Change" on the work at the 2009 Gordon Research Conference on Biomaterials Biocompatibility and Tissue Engineering. Lots more to come in this exciting new area!
News Jay gives interactive talk on biomechanics and tissue engineering to local school kids at the MOST
Jay was the featured speaker at the July 18th TACNY Junior Cafe Scientifique at the Syracuse Museum of Science and Technology. His talk, entitled "Biomechanics and Tissue Engineering," gave a broad look at the amazing biomechanical properties of musculoskeletal tissues and the lab's efforts, and challenges, in engineering those tissues for clinical use.
June 2009
News Air pollution (CARTI) project featured in the Syracuse Post-Standard
You can read in the Syracuse Post-Standard about the lab's new collaborative project with the Tavlarides Lab to investigate the effects of air polution using an in vitro model of the surface of the human lung. The project is supported by a Collaborative Activities for Research and Technology Innovation (CARTI) award from the Syracuse Center of Excellence.
May 2009
News Albaraa Salama joins the lab
Albaraa joins the lab joins the lab for the summer to contribute to the projects focusing on mechanotransduction.
News Transformative Alliance on Cellular Engineering (TrACE) project featured in CNYBJ
You can read in the May issue of the Central New York Business Journal about the lab's new collaborative project with SU and SUNY UMU researchers to investigate mechanotransduction in stem and progenitor cells.
NewsNewsNews Brian Cosgrove, Roger Conturie, and Cassie Gorman join the lab
Brian joins the lab, having been awarded summer support from the Department of Biomedical and Chemical Engineering, to continue his research on cytotoxicity and mechanostimulation begun during the 2008-2009 academic year. Roger also joing the lab following research during the academic year, having performed an independent study working with Kevin on active cell culture substrates. Cassie has been accepted into the Syracuse Biomaterials Institute Biomaterials REU, and will be working with Shelley on in vitro models of cytotoxicity.
News Jay becomes Assistant Professor (by courtesy) in the Department of Biology
Jay's adjunct position in Biology will allow Biology undergraduate students to complete research toward their degree in the Henderson Lab.

December 2008
News Jay gives Case Western Reserve University Department of Orthopaedics seminar.
Returning to his postdoc stomping grounds, Jay presented a talk at the CWRU Department of Orthopaedics seminar series entitled, "Musculoskeletal Tissue Development and Engineering."
November 2008
NewsNews Chi-Yu Sun and Brian Cosgrove join the lab.
Chi-Yu, a MS student in the Department of Biomedical and Chemical Engineering, bring a background in Chemical Engineering and interest in biological applications. Brian, an undergrad in the same department, will be working with Shelley and Kevin on the mechanics of tissue development.
News Luana performs in a Diwali celebration play of "Ram Leela".
Luana plays King Ravan in the South Asian drama "Ram Leela." The play, produced by the Hindu Students Council, was held in honor of Diwali. Luana's picture was the "Photo of the Week" in The Daily Orange printed on Monday, November 10, 2008.
September 2008
News Shelley Kummer joins the lab as a postdoc.
Shelley joins the lab following the completion of a post-doctoral position in the SU Department of Biology. Shelley's doctorate and background are in Microbiology/Immunology. Her expertise in biology, and her experience with tissue culture and molecular biology, will advance the lab's research at the interface of biology and engineering. Shelley is initially focusing her efforts on studying the effects of mechanical stress on gene expression during tissue development.
August 2008
News Luanna Ramcharran presents at ULSAMP.
On August 7th, Luana presented a poster, the lab's first, at the Upstate Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (ULSAMP) Poster Session. The poster summarized the work of her summer project, in which she began the development of a new model system to investigate mechanical regulation of embryonic skeletal tissue development.
June 2008
News Kevin Davis joins the lab as a graduate student.
Kevin has joins the lab as a first year graduate student in the Department of Biomedical and Chemical Engineering. Kevin gained previous research experience as undergraduate researcher at Case Western Reserve University, where he designed a mechanostimulation device for research on cartilage annealing. His research project at SU focuses on chondrocyte expansion.
News Jennifer Amos joins the lab for a postdoc.
Having just completed her PhD in the Chemical Engineering Department at the University of South Carolina, Jen brings to the lab both additional expertise with mechanical regulation of cells during tissue engineering and new expertise in biomaterials. Jen will be leading a number of projects in the areas of cartilage tissue engineering and the development of new biomimetic tissue engineering approaches, in collaboration with other researchers in the Syracuse Biomaterials Institute.
May 2008
News Luana Ramcharran awarded an ULSAMP internship.
Luana was awarded an Upstate Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (ULSAMP) 2008 Undergraduate Summer Research Experience intership, which will support both her continuing work in the lab and career development activities over the course of the summer.
NewsNews Luana Ramcharran and RJ Spink, both SU undergraduates, join the lab.
In the lab for the summer, Luana is managing a new cell line and performing preliminary experiments on biomechanical regulation during embryonic tissue development, and RJ, who joins the lab having been awarded summer support from the Department of Biomedical and Chemical Engineering, is setting up experiments for several new and ongoing tissue engineering projects.
April 2008
NewsNews Jay Henderson joins Syracuse University faculty, gives Department of Biology seminar.
The lab got its start when Jay began his position as Assistant Professor on April 1st, with the lab website launching April 30th. On April 25th, Jay presented at the SU Department of Biology seminar series. The talk, "From Embryonic Biomechanics to Cell-Based Therapies: Tissue Engineering for Musculoskeletal Repair and Regeneration," focused on the potential for interaction between research in basic biology and tissue engineering.

October 2007
NewsNews Jay Henderson accepts position at Syracuse University, wins New Investigator Recognition Award.
Jay has accepted an Assistant Professor position in the Department of Biomedical and Chemical Engineering at Syracuse University. The position is associated with the new interdisciplinary Syracuse Biomaterials Institute. On October 23rd, Jay received a New Investigator Recognition Award at the 6th Combined Meeting of the Orthopaedic Research Societies of Australia/New Zealand, Britain, Canada, Europe, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and the USA. The award was presented at the meeting in Honolulu, Hawaii for work entitled "Low oxygen tension during chondrocyte expansion enhances cartilage matrix production following expansion." This is Jay's second new investigator award for research in the field of cartilage tissue engineering.